Car Donation

We highly appreciate your contribution in any form. If you have a spare car in good condition that you would like to donate please download and complete the Car Donation Form: [Word Doc format] [PDF format]


  • Complete the form (back side) including a day time contact information.
  • Call National Charity Support Foundation at (800) 513 6560 to set up a car pick up appointment.
  • Fill up the title (SVT as the new owner) and sign it. (If the registration papers are missing go to DMV internet site and follow the instructions.)
  • Make a copy of the registration/title papers.
  • The towing company will take the car and the registration/title.
  • The person accepting the car will issue a donation receipt WITHOUT a value.
  • Save a copy of the local newspaper advertising cars similar to yours. Make sure the date is clearly visible. Use internet to obtain a fair market value of your used car.
  • In your tax return use the fair retail market value as the value of the donation.
  • On the Vehicle request form make a note of the date the car was picked up.
  • Cancel the insurance if any.
  • Please give us a copy of the form after the car has been picked up.
  • Shiva Vishnu Temple will receive the money from the Car Program in about 30 days.
  • Shiva Vishnu Temple will not issue any other donation receipt.
If you have any questions or comments please send an e-mail to or call Sudesh Kumar at (760) 390-4385.

Note: If your car is clean and dependable please inform Pandit ji before arranging the pickup. There is a possibility that Vedic Cultural and Spiritual Center of San Diego may take the ownership of your donated vehicle for internal use.