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Note: All donations are TAX DEDUCTIBLE.

General Donation

Vedic Cultural and Spiritual Center of San Diego is a non-profit organization. EIN number is: 33-0926154 Vedic Cultural and Spiritual center of San Diego is a powerful force in promoting the cultural and spiritual growth of our community. Our center is a natural peace making ground where people from all walks of life can unite, join hands and smile together.

The main purpose of the center is to keep our societies healthy and charged with moral, educational, cultural and spiritual zeal and with the same goal our center currently offers number of services such as Bala Bhavan, Sanskrit Bhavan, Youth Seva Sangam, Yoga classes and much more. We sincerely appreciate your past support and once again request your generous donations for the divine project which will be cherished for many generations to come.

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Donation for Permanent Temple

VCSCSD is raising funds to build a permanent center that includes Shiva Vishnu Temple and other amenities in the property at 16315 Pomerado Road, Poway, CA 92064. Please donate $251/sqft for the construction of the new temple. You can donate for as many square feet as you wish. All your donations for the temple construction are tax deductible.

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Pillar Program - Gold and Silver Scheduled Pledges

Donate generously towards the permanent temple building fund. With the tax advantages, your cost will be relatively small. All the donors who pledge $2000/year and above (Gold Pillars) or $1000/year and above (Silver Pillars) for at least 5 years will be designated as pillars of the temple. A permanent name plate will be placed in the temple as part of this recognition. For additional privileges of Gold and Silver Pillars, please see the by-laws of VCSCSD.

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Pillar Program
Special Events

You can donate for the special events organized at the Temple by choosing the appropriate choice from the drop down button on the right and then clicking the Donate button. You can choose to check out as guest if you do not have a paypal account. Please remember to bring one of the following to the temple while attending the event:

  • Print out of the paypal transfer confirmation
  • Paypal confirmation email on your phone
  • Paypal transaction ID from the confirmation email
Please call temple phone number (displayed at the top of this page) for any questions.

Special Events

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Car Donation

Your spare car in working condition can also be donated!

Car Donation Instructions
Planned Giving

Planned Giving is a set of ways a donor can leave money/assets to a nonprofit at his/her death; or a way to invest money so that the donor receives benefits during his/her life and then bequeaths the remaining funds to the nonprofit. Please consult your Financial Advisor or Estate Planner for more details.

Things to know

  • "Planned Giving programs, when set up correctly, provide future income to the nonprofit."
  • Nonprofits usually enlist professional help in setting up their planned giving programs and hire staff educated in planned giving methods.

Memorial or Tribute Giving

Memorial or Tribute gift is a meaningful way to honor or remember a family member or friend. It also offers health and hope to others in the community.

Your gift can be made:

  • in memory of a relative, friend or business associate
  • as a tribute to someone on a special occasion, like an anniversary, birthday or other special occasion
  • as a way to say thank you
You can choose to designate your gift to a particular program or initiative, or ask us to select the area of greatest need. We will notify the person or family you select of your thoughtful gift.

Memorial or Tribute gift forms

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