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Vedic Cultural and Spiritual center of San Diego is a non-profit organization with 501© tax exempt status. The center is established to promote Hindu tradition of peace and harmony amongst all the people. This center is dedicated to promote this rich tradition, culture and knowledge gained over thousands of years and recorded in many forms.


The center invites all the people and will not discriminate against race, religion, national origin, economic status or sexual orientation.

Organizational Values

Shiva Vishnu Temple of San Diego was established in the year 2000 to serve the devotional cultural and spiritual needs of the San Diego community in accordance with distinctly Vedic traditions. Temple holds these values as it's guiding star. Devotion to God and commitment to righteousness (Dharma) Respect for the priest and fellow devotees Positive impact on the community and Society. One of the main focus of the temple is to foster Hindu values among the children and youths living in this country and create an awareness among them of India's eternal and priceless spiritual heritage and richness of our cultural traditions. To achieve this, the Temple programs are specially designed with Children Participation foremost in mind.

Temple Features

The temple architecture adheres to the Indian traditional concept of Garbagraha, where the three presiding Deities- Ganesha, Venkateswara, and Shiva are housed. The Pradakshina passage around the structure allows devotees to have the traditional Parikrama around the Deities. A separate structure in the traditional Indian style houses the Navagrahas, which also provide facilities for the devotees for Parikrama around Navagraha Deities. Every aspect of the Temple architecture, feature, and practice is specially designed with due reverence to the Vedic traditions. 


The original installations of the Vigrahas of Ganesha, Balaji, and Shiva performed in the year 2001 were designed and made in Panchaloha by the world renowned temple Architect Padmasri Ganapathy Sthapathy of Kancheepuram. In the year 2007, with the help of devotees of San Diego , installation of Moola Vigrahas for the three Murthies. Sri Ganesha Moola Vigraha was completed. Maha Shiva Linga Sthapana ( Sri Kalahasteswara) in the month of July 2005. Nandi sthapana celebrations were conducted in the month of November 2006. Finally, in the month of June 2007, Sri Venkateswara prathisthapana was celebrated for five days . A Prana Pratishta program is scheduled for Aug 11th - Aug 14th 2022, to build the new sanctum Santorum. Please contact any of the executive board members or directors for more details.

Organizational Setup

Shiva Vishnu Temple of San Diego was incorporated as a religious Non-profit organization on August 25 2000 under the laws of California state. The IRS letter determining Shiva Vishnu Temple as a tax-exempt Non-profit organization covered by section 501 ( C ) ( 3 ) of the IRS code was issued on December 2, 2000. The IRS letter also provided that donations made by donors to Shiva Vishnu Temple is tax deductible under section 170 of IRS code. California State Franchise Tax Board also issued similar determination on December 21, 2000. The City permit for the operation of the Temple and Worship services under the Zonal laws and regulations were issued on May 11, 2001.

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