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Mission & Philosophy

 The vision of the center is to promote traditions based on Vedic principles of peace and harmony amongst all the people. The main focus of the Center is to foster Vedic values among children and youth and create awareness of India’s eternal and priceless spiritual and cultural heritage.

We need the help of the community to generously donate for this cause of realizing a permanent home for the Vedic Cultural and Spiritual center . There are several programs such as car donation, pillar program, cash gifts are available for this purpose. Since this is a public benefit corporation, the donations are tax deductible. For example, gold pillar program requires a pledge of at least $10,000. it can be donated in $2,000 installments over 5 years. People who are in 30% (federal) and 10% (state) can save 40% resulting out of pocket expenses of $100 per month. (foot note: this is a hypothetical example. you should consult you tax advisor for the correct amount). Companies in some cases can match the contributions. This definitely will reduce the final cost. We are looking for 300 people in the initial phase who can participate in this pillar's program. More details are found in the Donate page. We urge you to consider this as part of your annual contribution for a worthy cause of building a center that promotes the diversity of Indian culture and traditions. It will be also a place for social interaction for our seniors and others, a venue for performing weddings and many dance and music programs.

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