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At the SVT temple, a sacred sanctuary where the divine and the earthly converge, the heart of our spiritual community are the esteemed priests, the custodians of our ancient traditions and rituals. These dedicated individuals, well-versed in the sacred scriptures and the timeless practices of Hinduism, guide us in our worship, ensuring the temple remains a vibrant center of devotion and cultural heritage.


With profound knowledge and unwavering devotion, they facilitate our connection to the divine, offering blessings, performing rituals, and providing spiritual guidance to all who seek solace and enlightenment within these hallowed walls. Here are our revered priests, the spiritual pillars of our temple.


Pandit Jaya Krishna 

Fluent in Telugu, Tamil, and Sanskrit

Pandit Jaya Krishna Badhrachalam, a beacon of spiritual wisdom, graces our temple with his profound religious expertise. Hailing from Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh, Pandit Jaya Krishna is fluent in Telugu, English, Tamil, and Sanskrit, reflecting his deep-rooted cultural and linguistic versatility. 

An alumnus of the prestigious Sri Venkateshwara Veda Vignana Peetham in Tirumala, he holds the esteemed Pancharatragama Pravesha Endowment Certificate. This certification underscores his mastery in conducting intricate rituals and ceremonies within both the Vaishnava and Shaiva traditions. His repertoire includes an array of Vedic programs such as Pratishtas, Pavitrotsavams, Brahmotsavams, Kalyanotsavams, and various homams.

With four years of dedicated priesthood and Pourohityam experience, Pandit Jaya Krishna has served at several renowned temples, leaving an indelible mark through his spiritual services. His illustrious journey includes Pourohityam with Sri Chilakapati Tirumalacharyulu, priesthood at the revered Sri Varadaraja Swami Temple in Tirupati.

Among his notable achievements, Pandit Jaya Krishna led the grand ‘Shattrimshath Kundathmaka Sri Sudarshana Narasimha Yaagam’ in Penchalakona and contributed significantly to the monumental Sri Ramanuja Sahasrabdhi Samaaroham in Hyderabad (January – February 2022). His commitment to upholding and enriching our sacred traditions makes him an invaluable asset to our temple community.


Pandit Ranjith 

Fluent in English, Hindi, Telugu, Kannada, and Sanskrit

Pandit Ranjith Archakam, a revered and dedicated priest, joined the Shiva Vishnu Temple of San Diego in February 2024. His journey in temple service spans over five years, having previously served in esteemed temples including Sri Venkateswara temple, Oregon. Pandit Ranjith’s profound Vedic education from the prestigious Chinna Jeeyar Swami Integrated Vedic Academy in Hyderabad, India, lays the foundation for his deep spiritual knowledge and expertise. His experience in both the USA and India enriches our temple community with a blend of traditional and contemporary practices, ensuring the preservation and propagation of our sacred rituals.

Pandit Ranjith offers a comprehensive range of services, from Vedic rituals and wedding ceremonies to astrological consultations, all delivered with meticulous devotion and precision. His linguistic proficiency in English, Hindi, Telugu, Kannada, and Sanskrit enables him to connect with a diverse array of devotees, offering them a personalized and profound spiritual experience. His ability to communicate in multiple languages ensures that each interaction is meaningful and spiritually uplifting, reinforcing the temple’s role as a sanctuary of devotion and enlightenment. With Pandit Ranjith Archakam, the Shiva Vishnu Temple of San Diego is blessed with a priest whose dedication and expertise continue to inspire and guide our community.

To Contact the Priests
    Phone  858.549.3940

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